This page will cover all the related links of Guardian Cross present on the web ranging from the official download links to the forums to the sites which offers helps for this amazing game.
Guardian Cross Android Version: If you have an android mobile, then you can download it from the Official Google Play store at Gaurdian Cross - Android Apps on Google Play.
iOS Version: If you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch then do not worry at all as the iOS version of the game is also available at iTunes here.
Information: It is one of the few games which has crossed the 1.3 million download mark in a short period of time and the number is increasing at a massive rate. it is a card type game in which players first have to capture a guardian from 300+ available guardians. Then the 2nd and most important step is to level up the Guardians using several in-game options and consuming game currency which is gold. Once you are confident that your Guardian is strong enough and is ready to face another beast in a Vs. battle you can jump in for a tournament. The game can be played against real human players as well as computer competitors.
Tips, Tricks and Cheats: Several tutorials on the YouTube are available on how you can improve your game play and play the game in the best possible way. There are also some sites offering cheats and hacks for it like and One of the such tools are like this Download Guardian Cross Hack and Guardian Cross Forum.
Some of the YouTube Videos are also given below:
Guardian Cross IPad Tip#1 Quick Hunting guide -‎Guardian Cross - Enhancing Guardians & How To Get More 5 stars -‎
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